Horacio Pebete Godoy

Tango Company.

  • Tanguera, Forever Tango, Chantecler, Tango Argentino ( last show ever in Buenos Aires, 20.000 people )


  • Participated in more than 100 International Tango Festivals in 39 Countries.


  • Organizer of La Viruta Tango in Buenos Aires. Currently more than 1200 students per week. The biggest  school and Milonga in Buenos Aires during the last 22 years.


  • Producer of two CDs of Tango ( Ojos de Tango and Esteban Morgado ), currently working for the third. 


  • Tango DJ from 1991. 27 years musicalizing more than 5000 Milonga nights in the best Milongas in Buenos Aires, now only in La Viruta Tango Club.

Tango Festival and Mundial in Buenos Aires

  • Jury. Consultant of the musicalization of the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.

Educational training.

  • Tango Historian student of the Universidad del Tango and Academia Nacional Del Tango. Tango Record Collector.

Giuseppe Clemente Tango DJ

Giuseppe loves all Tango music, from the beginning to the present; as DJ, he prefers the “Golden years” of Tango but carefully follows the atmosphere and the situation of the dance floor and, if the atmosphere of the Milonga so requires, does not mind some excursions into Guardia Vieja…. so, no rules!!
In the recent years he was a regular DJ at nearly all of the Milongas in Rome.
He is the resident DJ at La Milonga del Barrio.
Giuseppe was invited to DJ at the following Special Evenings Marathons, Encuentros and Festivals:
Buenos Aires (Confiteria Ideal, Salon Canning – Porteño y Bailarin, Practica 10, La Baldosa, Zona Tango, Unitango Independencia)
Amsterdam, Athens, Barcellona, Batumi, Belgrade, Beirut, Bergen, Beskid, Chelyabinsk, Cracow, Creta, Cyprus, Dubai, Dublin, Georgia, Helsinki, Istanbul, Izmir, Lillehammer, Lodz, Minsk, Moscow, Nicosia, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, San Petersburg, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Ustròn, Vienna , Vilnius, Zagreb, Warsaw and Italy: Bari, Brindisi, Catania, Cosenza, Fermo, Latina, Lecce, Naples, Ostuni, Padova, Rimini, Rome, Sorrento, Teramo, Vicenza and more.

Email elcapitan.tangodj@gmail.com
FB : https://www.facebook.com/giuseppe.clemente.125

Andrew Skiba

Andrew’s passion for music originated in his childhood, in Ukraine, where he studied classic guitar and played in a band. Life challenges took him to Israel, 25 years ago, sadly leaving off the music road to discover his second passion – solving difficult challenges in computer science and number theory (a branch of mathematics).

Andrew discovered Tango seven years ago, which quickly became his greatest passion. During the last years, Andrew participated in dozens of international marathons, encuentros, and festivals and studied with some of the best maestros.

In recent years, Andrew found the summit that combines Tango music, history, and empathy to the audience, and became a Tango DJ in Israel. Last year, an international breakthrough occurred, as Andrew was invited to international events, to name a few: Budapest, Riga, Athens, Cyprus and Yekateriburg.

As a DJ, Skiba puts extreme attention to detail and context. He sees his mission to drive the energy up so the dancers can enjoy each other.

DJ Skiba is a confident sailor of the waters of Tango, he bravely guides dancers through the stormy energies of a milonga. He is crazy good in involving tangueros into dancing most breathtaking tandas every time.

Rafail Saltas

He first played music in his own Milonga in Larissa and very soon he got very favorable comments from the tangolovers for his musical choices. Since then, he has been invited to the most renowned milongas and festivals in Greece and abroad. Being an experienced dancer,  he tries to combine ” the right tanda to the right time ” keeping the dancer always lively and emotionally fulfilled during a milonga. He prefers to play rhythmic and melodic tangos, mainly in the Golden Age (~90%) but also cheerful and powerful valses and milongas, as well. He never ceases to surprise the audience by playing some favorite songs with no usual orquestas.

Yiannis Dafnis

Dj Yiannis Dafnis met tango at 2010 as a dancer. Since then and along with dance, he searches and studies tango music, tango orchestras and their characteristics and the selection of music in a milonga (TDj-ing).

Since 2014, he has been a radio producer, in a weekly tango radio show, named “Tangomagia” at RadioXanthi 93.5, that lasts two hours, every Thursday 20:00 – 22:00! His audience is from all over the world as everybody can listen the radio show in www.radioxanthi.gr
He counts 180 radio shows and that led him to study deeply the tango music and learn many details for tango orchestras and singers and also stories behind the songs!

He is still an active tango dancer and coordinates the tango practica of the group TangoAires – FEX(Xanthi). The last five years, he is the coordinator of the tango group “TangoAires – FEX” in the city of Xanthi and the main TDj of the milonga “El barrio antiguo”.

He has played tango music as TDj at international Tango Festivals in abroad, such as 4th & 5th Cyprus Tangomeeting(2017&2018), 3rd Sofia Tango Festival(2018), Tango Dream Varna Marathon(2017) and in Creece Abrazo Milonguero TANGO Festival 2018, also in some of the most famous milongas such as “MILONGA HERMOSA”, “El Cabeceo” (Athens) and “Milonga La Serenata” και META – Milonga at Thessaloniki. He has been as TDj in many milongas in the northeastern part of Greece at Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Xanthi and Chrysoupoli. He has also been as TDj in the Grand Milonga of the “New Year Tango Ball Sofia 2017”, in Bulgaria.

As TDj, he works towards building the mood of the milonga, by traveling the dancers deeper and deeper into the music. As a tango dancer along with his experience of TDj-ing in many different kinds of milongas (day and night, short and long) and also in practicas, he is able to adapt the program in any circumstances. His program focuses on the dancers and his main goal is to keep them energetic and dancing all the milonga long! He plays tango music mainly from golden age tango orchestras and completes his program from other age orchestras and modern orchestras!

Michalis Kyriakides

used to live in Thessaloniki- Greece and now in Cyprus. Along with his profession (he is an entrepreneur in the medical and other fields) he always loved music and thus studied for several years guitar, music theory and singing. In 2013, tango came into his life and has soon grown into a way of living. During his short encounter, he deeply delved in the dance of tango, its music, different Eras and of course, Orchestras.

Michalis is a well-known tango Dj in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and Cyprus. Apart from being the main DJ in Thessaloniki’s Tango Bar for more than 2 years, he was also one of the main DJs and co-organizer of “Milonga at Kohyli Bar” in Thessaloniki. He has been invited very often to perform as guest DJ in several milongas in Cyprus and Thessaloniki (La milonga, milonga Remolina, colorido milonga, milonga sin palabras, Tango Amor milonga, Thessaloniki’s Museum Milonga, TDFcompetition gran milonga, La Reina gran milonga etc) and international events (2nd,3rd and 4th Limassol “souvlaki”tango marathon, 3rd,4thand 6th “Cyprus Tango meeting” festival, Tango-aires festival-Xanthi, Intriga tango festival-Thessaloniki, 2nd Unchained tango Festival –Athens, 2nd Cyprus tango festival, Thamiris Tango Festival).

He has a deep kn0wledge on tango music-history and tango orchestras and he is giving seminars about tango music and tango Djing!

Michalis is known for his ability to sense what dancers desire at any particular moment and either go with the flow, or surprise them with his combinations. As a result he is now one of the most desirable Tango DJs in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and Cyprus.

Georges Samaha

George grew up in an entertainment environment, since he was a kid had showed interest for music and dancing. His first Tango steps began in November 2004. Few months later he was already addicted and started collecting a huge library of Argentinean tango music. His addiction went in parallel; dancing and collecting music till he started to DJ in 2010. He is the resident DJ of the Limassol Milonga Remolina and a favorite of all the Cyprus Tango community. George focus Mainly on traditional Argentinean tango music but has a lot of knowledge of other styles/genres, rest assured to be actively dancing during his session.
George has participated in all International tango events in Cyprus, in all 5 editions of the Cyprus Tango Meeting in Protaras, and 5 editions of the Cyprus Tango Camp in Kyrenia and all 3 Souvlaki tango marathon Limassol, He is frequently invited by other milongas on the island. He DJ at the 8th Athens Tango Marathon, Beirut Libertango weekend, at the famous Tango Bar In Thessaloniki Greece in February 2018, at Krakow Tango marathon 2018, Milonga Pasional in Padova /Italy Dec 2018, at the 2nd Cyprus Tango Festival Dec 2018, scheduled to Nizhni Novgorod at “Los Puentes Tango Marathon” April 2019. at Tiflis tango festival in June 2019. In addition to that, he also had the opportunity to DJ at local milongas in Buenos Aires during his last visit in January 2017.