Relax and enjoy the sun and the best beaches in Europe while dancing Tango surrounded by exquisite views and the luxury of a five star resort at the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus!

Cyprus, once a center for the cult of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, is a modern island nation that retains an essentially Mediterranean character. Its 3,572 square miles encompass citrus and olive groves, pine-forested mountains, and some of Europe’s cleanest beaches.

The island has a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, with an average of 340 days of sunshine a year. Cyprus’s strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean has made it subject to regular invasions by powerful empires. These empires left behind an incredible legacy of historical relics: ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Crusader castles, mighty Venetians city walls and towering mosques and minarets left behind by Ottoman invaders.

Cyprus Tango Meeting takes place at the breathtaking area of Cape Greco, in Famagusta District. The Famagusta District is renowned for its vibrant and full of energy life, its white sandy beaches with their crystal waters and its numerous activities. The national park forest in Cape Greco is a unique and amazing place lying on the Eastern peninsular of the island. A great diving and snorkeling experience can be had here. With its secluded coves, sea caves and amazing views from the cliff peaks, it is just the place for adventures.Folk art museums like the one in Deryneia have wonderful rural artifacts on display. The famous town of Ayia Napa is a landmark of the particular district, well-known for its magnificent beaches awarded for their cleanliness as well as the facilities they provide visitors with. Nowadays, Ayia Napa has an international reputation as it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

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