Horacio Pebete Godoy
& Cecilia Berra

Horacio GodoyTango Company.Tanguera, Forever Tango, Chantecler, Tango Argentino
( last show ever in Buenos Aires, 20.000
people )Festivals. Participated in more than 100 International Tango Festivals in 39 Countries.MilongasOrganizer of La Viruta Tango in Buenos Aires. Currently more than 1200 students per week. The biggest school and Milonga in Buenos Aires during the last 22 years.Producer.Producer of two CDs of Tango ( Ojos de Tango and Esteban Morgado ), currently working for the third. DJ.Tango DJ from 1991. 27 years musicalizing more than 5000 Milonga nights in the best Milongas in Buenos Aires, now only in La Viruta Tango Club.Tango Festival and Mundial in Buenos AiresJury. Consultant of the musicalization of the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.Educational training.Tango Historian student of the Universidad del Tango and Academia Nacional Del Tango. Tango Record Collector.Cecilia BerraShe began her career as a tango dancer in 1998 and as a teacher in 2001. Formed in different disciplines such as dance, circus, contact improvisation. She learned from greatest masters of Tango evolving her tango along the years and her own techniques.Currently resides in Barcelona where she is a Teacher and Organizer.She has participated in International Tango Festivals including Tarbes en Tango 2016, Embrace Berlin tango Festival 2015-2016, Maya Tango Festival 2015, Nashe Tango Festival 2013 (Tomsk- Rusia) Milongueros Night (Moscow 2008-2009-2010), Brussels Tango Festival (2010), Tango Ritual (Istanbul 2009), Chicago Tango Week (2010).She has toured around Argentina, Europe and United States performing workshops and exhibits in Milongas.It has also been part of Tango groups in Buenos Aires and Madrid (2005-2008).As a member of Tango Dance Companies, she has toured around Spain and Portugal (2004-2006).

Jose Luis Salvo
& Carla Rossi

Jose Luis Salvo and Carla Rossi are wellknown
for their precise technique and the elegant style
that they have developed over the years. They are also very sought after dance teachers who are generous with their priceless tips and personal attention to the students. They got several awards: Champions of Metropolitano 2017 in Tango and Milonga categories and they also won the second place at Mundial of Tango 2017.
They are Mundial Champions of Tango Pista 2018. They have done several travels separated. Together they have been working in Italy, Corea, Japan, England, Mexico, Belgium, and more. And now they continue working together around the world. They want to transmit their passion for Tango and to develope the best of every student in particular


Dionisis is the winner of the Tango Acropolis
Competition 2011 in the category Tango Escenario. Chloe
has studied classical and contemporary dance and her career was focused on these disciplines, until tango came along.
Dionisis and Chloe started their collaboration in October 2011 and, together, they became the Greek Champions of Tango Escenario in the Tango Acropolis competition 2012. They are members of the Argentinian choreographer Gustavo Russo’s company “Tango Seduccion”.
Their base is the studio TANGart in Athens, Greece, where they teach and are in charge of the administrative and artistic direction.
They travel a lot and have taught and performed widely in Greece and abroad, participating in international tango festivals.