His involvment with the Tango Argentino
goes back to the year 2005 in Patra's
city after his first fascinating contact with it in Buenos Aires.
Since then he has been traveling and participating in many international festivals inside and outside of Greece, taking classes from leading Argentine dancers and teachers.
In 2007 he created and co-organized one of the oldest and most successful Greek festivals, TANGO FIESTA PATRAS, which counts 16 events, being the oldest one active in Greece.
In 2008, he returned to the source of dance in Buenos Aires, where he delved into the wonderful, enchanting world of Tango Argentino by being taught its secrets in its very birthplace.
In 2010 he began his teaching career and from 2012 until 2018 he danced and taught with Maria Anastasaki, a professional ballet dancer and contemporary dancer. Together they performed in theater shows and events.
In 2016 he founded the dance school of PERI XOROU EMMELEIA
With his current partner and student, Elizabeth Diamantopoulou, they started dancing and performing the 2019. ELISAVET DIAMANTOPOULOU
Elisavet Diamantopoulou was dancing ballet from the age of 6 for about 8 years.
In 2017 she joined the Tango Deseos Patras Tango club as a student taking intensive classes with greek and argentinian tango teachers
The 2019 started dancing and performing with her teacher Andreas Pavlopoulos.

Natalia Molokova &
Yury Shtykin

We are Yury and Natalia, dancers and teachers
of argentine tango, currently based in Moscow. We
have united in a couple in 2016, and since that moment we have been constantly searching for the way to join all the best of our individual tango experience to create a unique style for our couple. We believe that tango is the only dance that combines the respect to its traditions and the urge to be open to the new visions. That is what we take as a main idea – one should always dance outside the box, but never forget where it all came from. We have always respected the natural ability of the body to move freely, and this is what we consider as a base either when we create our dance, or when we help our students to find their own tango. We feel the genuine dedication to argentine tango, which we try to transmit in every step that we do on the dancefloor. Because tango isn't something that we can do or not. Tango is something that we cannot not be doing.

Giorgos Nikou &
Katerina Chatzipanteli

Giorgos Nikou and Katerina Chatzipanteli met Tango in
2011 and have since become a couple in
life and dance. Katerina began her dance training at the very early age of 13, winning many Pac-Hellenic awards in classical and modern dancing. They live in Ioannina and their teacher is Tasos Kehagias, who helped them evolve and affiliated them in his dance school as teachers. They have attended classes and seminars with great maestros of the Tango scene, both in Greece and abroad. They have participated in various festivals and milongas all over Greece, presenting what they love so much.